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There is Blessing in Suffering

I seldom get sick, and if I do, it is the usual fever or flu. I eat healthy and exercise. However, on July 20, 3 days after homeschooling and 5 days before my birthday, an unexpected happened. I felt a sudden contraction on my stomach and numbness on my back and extremities. I rested for a while and thankfully, this weird feeling gradually weaken. However, it keeps on coming back especially when I make  big movements.  I don't know what got into me and which doctor to go to. So I ended up going to a Chinese doctor.  He said that I have acid reflux and gave me chinese herbs. There was a big improvement after taking the first batch  but on the third batch, my whole body became numb. I was rushed to the ER. The doctor gave me medicines to calm my nerve and told me to take vitamin B. To verify what I am really sick of,  I decided to go to a regular doctor. He said it was indeed acid reflux. I  informed him about my other symptoms. He explained to me that they are general and nonspecif…