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Potato Spinach Patties with Hummus

What is the appropriate title for this post? Is it Potato Spinach Patties with Hummus, Potato Spinach Patties and Hummus, Hummus and Potato Spinach Patties or Hummus with Potato Spinach Patties? Originally, this post is only about Hummus, its uses and health benefits. But then, I saw a recipe that seems to match with the flavor of Hummus. I tried it and they are perfect. Even though Hummus is not the star in this post, its taste raises the pulse.
Hummus is a classic chickpea dip or spread blended with wonderful flavors of tahini, lemon, garlic, olive oil and sea salt. Not only does it taste good, it also contains 6 nutritious ingredients. According to Dr. Axe, there are 8 health benefits of Hummus: Good source of plant-based protein; fights illness and disease; decrease inflammation; helps digestion and intestinal health; high in vitamins and minerals; bone health; heart health and boost energy. For a more detailed info, click here.
Hummus is versatile. Its possibilities are endless …