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Puffed Rice and Cashew Bites

This recipe was inspired by the rice pops I bought at a supermarket. It is a healthy snack that contains dried fruits, nuts and rice puff.  It was also the time that I was looking for a recipe other than the rice cereal I posted last October.
The tricky part here is cooking the coco sugar. It has to be done at a right temperature and right time. The perfect coco sugar syrup for this recipe is when mixed with rice puff, it can hold them together when you cut it after cooling. This can be done by using the method called "cold water test". The idea is to drop 1/2 teaspoon of syrup into a cold water ( not ice water). Carefully pick up the sugar formed then pressed it between your fingers to know if it holds its shape. This is trial and error. It took me three tries before getting it right.  If you have a candy thermometer, it should reach (130 C/ 250 F) after simmering on medium heat.

3 cups puffed rice
100 grams raw cashew nuts (roughly chop)
dried fruits ( raisins, cherry or …

Chinese Lumpia : Wonderfully Delicious

Chinese new year + Chinese Lumpia = family bonding. I remember having chinese lumpia whenever it is Chinese new year at my Guama's place (grandmother). And I remember my dad making this at home as well. No matter how hard and time consuming it is, we would have lumpia just like our regular dish. 
Our family version of lumpia is very simple yet laborious. It is a mixture of savory fillings which mainly consist of vegetables like cabbage, carrots, baguio beans and garlic leaves (if available). Instead of meat, we add tokwa as protein. We cut them into thin short slices, cook the vegetables one at a time, place them all together in a large pot and simmer for about an hour. You read it right, about an hour!!
I have been wanting to make this dish but did not have the opportunity. My brothers and sisters have their own family and most of them live out of the country/town. Making Chinese Lumpia is more fun if family members or friends are there to make the process memorable.  The opportuni…