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Black Sticky Rice with Coconut and Roasted Pineapple

Nothing beats a homemade dish made with love. I brought this dessert for our Christmas party and they were impressed. They appreciated how much effort I put into it. It looks hard to make so you can deceive your relatives and friends that you spent the whole day doing this. Kidding aside, this is an easy dessert to make for this busy crazy month.
I was not able to find black rice so I use violet rice instead. The contrasting color of black/violet rice with the color of white coconut milk makes this an attractive dish. You may also use white glutinous rice (soak for 6 hours only).

Panutsa/Panocha or solid sugar cane (see image below) can be bought at supermarket. I bought mine at Cash and Carry. "Panutsa is what is known as jaggery - a traditional unrefined whole cane sugar.  It is solid, brown in color and clam-shaped.  It is a concentrated product of cane juice without the separation of molasses and crystals."- coconuter .  Panutsa has many other uses and health benefits, …

Barley Greek Salad

Barley is well known for its stews and soups, yet, there are other uses that some are not familiar with. One of which is salad. Barley in a salad is a wonderful addition as it gives a chewy texture to crunchy vegetables. Mixed with the right dressing, barley salad would be a great dish to add this Christmas season. 

Pearl Barley doesn't really need soaking and will be tender in half an hour, or less. While simmering, start checking at 25 minutes and check every 5 minutes thereafter. If the water has dried up already and the barley has not finished cooking, add more water. The Barley is done if it has double in volume and is soft yet chewy. 

I use rice wine vinegar instead of red wine since I don't have the latter. It is important to use good quality red bell pepper and cherry tomatoes. Its sweetness balances the sourness of wine vinegar and the saltiness of feta cheese.

Barley Greek Salad
1 cup pearled barley
Kosher salt
2 cups yellow and red cherry tomatoes, halved
1/2 cup crumb…