Kiwi Berries

I visited a fruit store to look around and buy some usual stuff. Then I saw a pack that is somewhat new to me. I pick it up and read the label. It says "Kiwi Berries". I was surprise to find that there is such a fruit that is smaller than the regular Kiwi. I bought a pack and did some research to learn more about it.

Kiwi Berries is a no fuss fruit unlike the regular Kiwi. No need to peel, just pop them into our mouth (I love that part).  It has smooth, hairless, edible skin which can be green or brown. It has a pleasant and sweet taste. Its size is almost the same as grapes. More importantly, it is considered a super fruit because it is packed with unusual array of health-promoting substances.

Kiwi Berries are loaded with antioxidants that prevent or stop cell damage in our body. It is a strong immune system booster. It is extremely high in Vitamin C, five times more than the equivalent amount in an orange. It also offers folate (beneficial for DNA synthesis and repair), potassium (beneficial for brain, heart and muscles), fiber (beneficial for digestive health), carotenoids (beneficial for eye health) among others. It is an unusual source of Vitamin E (twice that of an avocado) which helps maintain our heart health and cholesterol level. What's good about it is that most sources of  vitamin E, like nuts and oils, are high in both fat and calories. Kiwi berries, by contrast, offers its rich nutritional bounty for only a few calories.

To store, place them in the room temperature (away from direct sunlight) if the ones you bought are not yet ripe. Once ripen, wash them with salt and then with unsalted water,  place in the crisper drawer part of the refrigerator with their original container.

To know if it is ripe, press the fruit gently, it should yield to a gentle pressure like peaches. Another way to know if it is ripe already is to look at both or one end of the fruits. Some may show a little wrinkle or slight wizened mark.

Here are some ways to get more Kiwis into your life:
   1.   Toss diced kiwis into green salad.
   2.   Puree kiwis into smoothies. They're delicious with bananas and/or 
         blueberries and nonfat yogurt.
   3.   Kiwi chunks make a tasty addition to a turkey or tuna salad.
   4.   Serve Kiwis with strawberries and add a dollop of yogurt and a
         dash of honey.
   5.   Blend kiwis with cantaloupe or other melon, and add yogurt for a 
         creamy, chilled soup. Garnish with blueberries and mint for 
         delightful color.
   6.   Make a relish of chopped kiwi, red onion, pineapple, and orange.
         Serve with grilled meat or fish.
 References:   SuperFoods HealthStyle


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