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Last Minute To Go Meals

It was suppose to be Moms In Touch first meeting and breakfast fellowship for the school year last week. It was going to be a very light moment wherein the old members get to know the other moms, encourage each other and pray for one another. It was suppose to be the day wherein moms meet again after a very long summer vacation. Sadly, that morning, it was announce that there will be no classes, hence, MIT (Moms in Touch) did not push through.

Nevertheless, the day before, I prepared the food that I think moms will like. I had a hard time
choosing what breakfast to serve. If you know me, I want it to be the best that all moms will love. But I have to remind myself that I cannot please everyone so I have to give myself cut off time to make the decision already.

I know that most moms in our school are health conscious and would be glad to eat something that is nourishing first thing in the morning.. And I, on the other hand, wants to let them feel the warm welcome with a specially prep…