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Menu Planning

In my many years as a homemaker, I don't remember planning a menu for our everyday dish. Although I did so when I was still single because my dad ask me to, I didn't appreciate it. I  find it tedious and a waste of time to search for recipes, plot them on a menu planner and write down the needed ingredients,.
When I got married, I used a different approach. I have a master list of all the easy-to-cook recipes . I group them into five categories namely chicken, pork, beef, fish and vegetables, write the title of the cookbook and the page number.
I then choose which recipe to make from the master list, take out the meat I intend to cook and place it inside the ref to defrost and write down the ingredients I needed for the week, Most supplies are already available at home.The condiments I used are very common so I just mixed and match them in different ratios. 
From my last post, "Packing Lunch Box for our Children", I mentioned that I will be preparing bento as part of …

Packing Lunch Box for Our Children

One of the challenges of wanting our children to be healthy is to make nutritious meals that they like to eat. Making quick, easy  and loaded with naturally sourced ingredients should be considered in choosing the recipes. However, some kids can be so fussy in their food tastes and food sights that getting them to eat what we pack is a daunting task. We need to have an honest, heart to heart talk with them and be open to what our children will say with regards to their food choices. This could help us come up with lunch ideas that are not only nutritious but also popular to them. Better yet, get them involved in creating a "lunchbox menu" so he can pick which foods he'd like on which day. The more he is into the process of selecting and preparing foods, the better chances that he'll actually eat them. Considering what food matches their taste buds and lunchbox preferences will ensure us that their bodies are replenished.
While children are in school, we cannot persona…