Mothers are Special

Some  mothers are often misunderstood as mean, unkind, and selfish. We distant ourselves from them because we are intimidated by their presence. We quickly judge them as such without knowing and understanding what is in their heart or what they have gone through. We may not like how they brought us up, how she treated us. We may blame them for the trouble we have experience; their mistakes of raising us; the flaws in their character and the sins they have committed. But then, mothers are special.

Most of us lack understanding of where our moms are coming from. The bitterness, insecurities, issues with identity crisis came from their past. Our past mold us into the person we are right now and without clearly processing these negative emotions, it manifest itself onto their children through unkind words and sadly, physical abuse. Their parental malfunction has caused so much pain, and this pain needs to be listened to, understood and repented of.  We cannot totally blame them for their m…

Why I Homeschooled my High Schooler

On the day that we decided to shift our son from traditional to homeschool, I forced myself not to visualize the eventual challenges that would arise. It would just place fear and doubt in my heart, quite the reverse of what God intended me to be. With prayer, we asked God to show us the way one step at a time trusting in His guidance as we embark on a new journey.

Friends were skeptic about it. Their first reaction , "How about his social skills?" " He will have no friends let alone he is an only child." He will miss out on the value of friendship in school, high school is the most memorable among all levels." "Homeschool in High School? That would be difficult". "Why start now that he is in high school?' "Most homeschoolers started at pre-nursery and released to traditional in high school." These reactions from concerned parents brought me into thinking that what they said makes sense. But if I allow myself to lean towards their…

Asian Marinated Baked Chicken


There are moments when I don't feel like cooking but I have to. I just want to laze around in front of my computer either watching Chinese TV series or surfing the net. From here, temptation to order online sets in. Knowing that they are more expensive and less nutritious than home cook, I took the time to search for a recipe that is easy yet delicious.

This recipe is so easy that it will make non cooks look professional. Perfect for busy moms as well.  It will just take a few minutes to prepare a handful of ingredients for a marinade. Plus having a built-in sauce after the chicken is cooked is a reward. All you have to do is mix the ingredients for the marinade in a bowl, put the chicken in, leave it overnight in the refrigerator and when you are ready to cook,  pop  it in the oven the next day. Voila!

For the chicken, I used the breast part cut it into quarter. This way the flavor would still emerge when you bite into it.

Asian Marinated Baked Chicken

680 grams bone-in, skin-o…

There is Blessing in Suffering

I seldom get sick, and if I do, it is the usual fever or flu. I eat healthy and exercise. However, on July 20, 3 days after homeschooling and 5 days before my birthday, an unexpected happened. I felt a sudden contraction on my stomach and numbness on my back and extremities. I rested for a while and thankfully, this weird feeling gradually weaken. However, it keeps on coming back especially when I make  big movements.  I don't know what got into me and which doctor to go to. So I ended up going to a Chinese doctor.  He said that I have acid reflux and gave me chinese herbs. There was a big improvement after taking the first batch  but on the third batch, my whole body became numb. I was rushed to the ER. The doctor gave me medicines to calm my nerve and told me to take vitamin B. To verify what I am really sick of,  I decided to go to a regular doctor. He said it was indeed acid reflux. I  informed him about my other symptoms. He explained to me that they are general and nonspecif…

Coconut Flour Chocolate Chunk Bar

Ever since I have digestive problems, I am on a look out for food that are easier for my digestive system. Although this bar has caffeine from the chocolates, that can add strain on my digestion as well as my nervous system, I still eat them anyway. I just leave the chocolates for my family. Oh...ok, you got me!  I still eat the chocolates....very little. I've given up on coffee for 4 months already so a little chocolate won't do any harm except a little discomfort on my tummy.

This snack is amazingly delicious and easy to make. With the use of coconut flour, this snack is good for gluten-free eaters, those with digestive problems, anyone with nut allergy and diabetes. That is because coconut flour is high in fiber, protein, and healthy fats, and is free from wheat and other grains. It is also low in sugar, digestible carbohydrates and calories, and has a low score on glycemic index. (source from Dr. Axe)

Coconut Flour Chocolate Chunk Bar

1/4 cup melted coconut oil
1/3 cup hon…

Soap Making ...... A Break from Cooking

My interest in soap making started way way back in 2008. I went to attend a workshop  in Quezon City but because of busy sked, and my child is still very young, I was not able to practice it at home. Fast forward to 2017, my sister got interested in soap making. Someone gifted her with a natural handmade soap, use it on her dog who has rashes and saw positive results.

And so, it happened, that our wavelength met at one point. Both of us attended a soap making workshop in Makati. We were asked to wear long sleeves, long pants and close shoes to protect ourselves from the dangerous chemical called lye. Mask and gloves are provided. The soap we made plus the mold, cutter and goggles were take home.

It is  overwhelming at first, seeing the instruments and ingredients lined up on the table ( like I was in a chemistry lab class). Looking at the notes, lye calculator and the word "trace" are not familiar to me. All pieces fit together, however, when we started to do the first step…

Potato Spinach Patties with Hummus

What is the appropriate title for this post? Is it Potato Spinach Patties with Hummus, Potato Spinach Patties and Hummus, Hummus and Potato Spinach Patties or Hummus with Potato Spinach Patties? Originally, this post is only about Hummus, its uses and health benefits. But then, I saw a recipe that seems to match with the flavor of Hummus. I tried it and they are perfect. Even though Hummus is not the star in this post, its taste raises the pulse.
Hummus is a classic chickpea dip or spread blended with wonderful flavors of tahini, lemon, garlic, olive oil and sea salt. Not only does it taste good, it also contains 6 nutritious ingredients. According to Dr. Axe, there are 8 health benefits of Hummus: Good source of plant-based protein; fights illness and disease; decrease inflammation; helps digestion and intestinal health; high in vitamins and minerals; bone health; heart health and boost energy. For a more detailed info, click here.
Hummus is versatile. Its possibilities are endless …